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Every course is customized to exceed the clients needs.

Civilian  Courses

Mental Mindset for Survival  

World Traveler Course

Professional Athlete Safety and Survival Course

360 Kombat -Hand to Hand Combat Courses

Rape Prevention & Survival Courses

Child Anti- Bullying and Anti- Kidnapping Courses

Executive Protection Advance Courses

Executive Protection Protection Courses

Executive Protection 360 Combative Course 

Understanding How to survive an active shooter Attack

( This course was created for individuals & families )

 Employee Workplace  Violence  Safety & Survival Course

Church Safety Courses

Church Protection Team Courses

Flight Crew Safety Courses

Airport Anti -Terrorism Courses

Bus and Train Personnel Security Training and Tactics

Security Guard Training and Tactics for Unarmed and Armed Officers

Armored Car Guards Advance Training and Tactics

Police Officer Courses

360 Kombat - Police Defensive Tactics

Handcuffing: Joint Manipulation-Wrist &Thumb Cuffing-

Vehicle Extraction-2 man Team Cuffing

​Disarming of all weapons

Undercover Police Tactics Courses

Injured Officer Rescue Tactics Courses

​Law Enforcement Understanding Knife & Edge Weapons

Dignitary & Executive Protection Courses

Terrorism: The new world of warfare in America

Anti-Terrorism Consultant - Reevaluating your game plan

Anti-Terrorism: Advance  Training and Tactics

Prisoners Handling: HIV Prisoners,Bitters & Spitters

Military Courses

Ultimate Soldier Unarmed C.Q.B. Courses

​Military Knife & Impact Weapons (Offensive/Defensive ) Combatives 

​Maritime Warfare / Anti Piracy Courses

Termination Techniques & Sentry Removal Courses

Down Pilots Survival Combatives Courses

Special Forces Unconventional Warfare Courses

  360 Kombat  Global Training

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